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When you face difficult life situations that affect your family, it is important to get legal advice, consul and representation from an attorney who understands all aspects of Family Law. Your experience will be easier to endure, when you have a compassionate, knowledgeable legal professional on your side.

Dana M. Constand, PLLC

Family law matters  are the Primary focus at Dana M. Constand, PLLC,  providing exceptional legal services to the people of Wayne, Macomb and Oakland Counties.

Family Law

Attorney Constand is a skilled, compassionate professional, encouraging her clients to pursue an amicable solution, whenever possible,  because this best serves the client, as an individual, and the family, as a whole.  However, when the need arises, Attorney Constand is well equipped to strongly advocate to protect and promote her client’s rights and goals.

Areas of concern for most clients who need assistance with Family Law matters include: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Parenting Time, Property Division,  and other Financial issues. Attorney Constand offers both pre and post judgment representation.   In some cases, after a judgement of divorce is entered, circumstances change and parties experience difficulties with their parenting time schedule or support agreement. Attorney Constand can help you achieve modifications to better suit your situation.

Get your Family Law matters resolved, so you can move forward and enjoy your life and your family. For a free consultation about your concerns, contact Dana M. Constand, PLLC, In Grosse Pointe, MI Call her now, at 734-239-5474.

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